Friday, November 12, 2010

The Asia Affect

So I was looking through my pictures from this summer, and I came across the "Shanghai" folder. I open it, and begin to browse through the photos. Then I start thinking, "wow, what am I wearing?" It's amazing how when you're in China, everything looks better than they actually are. All the clothes become cute. All the music sound amazing. Even the people are good looking. But then you come back to the states and realize, what were you thinking?? The clothes are fobby and cheap. The singers can't sing for their lives. And most importantly, the people are mad ugly! It's like once you land in asia, you start to wear beer goggles. Everything looks better, because that's the best they got. The clothes look good since that's what everyone is wearing on the streets. The music sounds great because that's all they ever play on the radio. And the people are considered good looking because they don't have many Justin Timberlakes walking around. The standards are lower, so your common sense begins to degrade too.

This is why I never post pictures of me in China. Well that and because China is so polluted, my skin starts breaking out. Washing my face three times a day didn't help either. If you wanna save your skin, you basically have to wear a gas mask whenever you went out.

I still love going to Shanghai, you just won't ever see any proof of me being there.

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  1. LOL that's pretty hilarious. And lol that Justin Timberlake is your idea of hot