Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ventilation Part I

I don't know about you, but I believe that everyone should have their own personal space and time for themselves every once in a while. It's understandable that some people dislike being alone because they get bored and stuff --I mean, I get lonely too but wanting someone there all the time is just too much, man. Maybe I'm being too narrow minded, but that is how I feel.

A couple of weeks ago, I kind of blew up at someone. OK, maybe not kind of, I definitely did blow up. I felt bad for not being able to stop it from happening, but I also felt like I was being suffocated. It was inevitable I guess. Everything is alright now I think (?). Still a bit confused, but everything seems to be ok. With school, Kappa, and every other little thing going on in my life, I realize that I don't have any time for doing me or setting aside time for my own family and close family friends. They're not always going to be there and I feel really guilty and really bad that I don't make time to go visit them every now and then or etc. Then again, I should focus on myself because that's all I really have in the end. I'm digressing (relative, but still).

"It is what it is." This phrase was overused a lot by a certain teacher of mine back then. I feel like this is an appropriate time to be using it though to express my "argument" or whatever it was. Acceptance. Sometimes, there will be things in life that you don't agree with and that you can't change (for instance, changing a characteristic of another individual especially if they're head strong and stubborn. That is who they are. Who are you to force your belief/ways on them?). You just have to deal with it. Just deal, man. The world will still continue to go 'round. Accept and move on. It's the best way to save your time and energy. I don't think that another person should have so much impact on you over a very small, obscure matter that it's life draining to you. Especially if it's over something like not spending a lot time with them when you're just friends. That is too much. We should have more important priorities in mind rather than worrying about foolish and childish problems like that.

Everyone should try to be considerate of one another and agree to disagree. Negotiation and sacrifice are good solutions for problems like these, no?

I hope I made sense.


  1. Aww I'm glad you came to terms with...yourself at least haha. I agreee, it's hard trying to make time for everyone when I've barely got myself together. You just turn into a zombie ):