Sunday, January 30, 2011


So recently, I've been watching dream wedding shows. Why? ...just because... I was in bed a lot ever since I got reallyyyy sick for approximately three days straight already. Sucks, I'm actually still sick now. Nyquil just isn't doing it man. I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection... I'm like aching all over in my head and other sinus cavities... what's the right term...(?) OH AND NONSTOP PHLEGM PRODUCTION WTF!? --Yeah I know, GROSS, but anyway back to the wedding thing, one show was called "My Fair Wedding." I have to say that David Tutera is a hilarious gay dude. I totally want my own wedding planner. I'm not like Nina where I'd already know what exactly I want on my wedding day, from color scheme --to dress-- to center pieces and etc. c[: Fifi and I were talking about weddings --and children too I think (this was two nights ago). According to the ideal "plan," she said that I have "6 years left to get married and have a children [at a good age]. No pressure." NO PRESSURE? HAAAA. LOL ;A;

Where is my fancy bus?


They always say that when you least expect it, it'll happen. I never really expect anything though. When someone does show interest, they're never what I'm looking for. Unfortunately. :(

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  1. Whose baby is that o.O" Cause it ain't oursss lawl.