Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Day We Were Born

It is raining.

What a gloomy way to start out this weekend. So instead of doing homework, we decided to start our own blog. Happy birthday to us! I haven't blogged in awhile, and I realized I still have writer's block when it comes to writing of any kind. I guess it's just something I will never improve in.

So recently, it occurred to me how much I disliked my clock. How does that little watch on your hand determine what you should be doing at this very moment? How are we so sure one second had just passed? If you didn't have a watch, wouldn't you believe me if I told you it is 2:37pm right now? It's pretty amazing stuff. I don't like the fact that I am constantly being controlled by my clock. What right does it have to tell me it is time to sleep, or scream at me in the morning to wake up for class. I feel trapped inside its mechanical wheels. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone on earth had the power to stop time for just one day? For just one day, everything around me would freeze. I would have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I please. No need to consider the consequences before acting, no more judgmental eyes following your every move, no fear of what's about to happen next. How nice it would be to just escape for one day.

But then again, running away isn't the answer is it? I believe that there are two voices inside my head. The good guy who tells me what is the right thing to do, and the bad guy that tells me the easy way out of doing it. Of course, the bad guy seems to have a bigger influence on me. I tend to believe what he says, just because he has a louder voice. And he is always telling me to run away. Too much pressure? Escape it. Too many responsibilities? Avoid it. So I hide. I retreat into my shell, and I pretend nothing happened. My friends are always asking me, "hey where were you?" To which I reply, "oh nowhere, just around." Well, I'm sick of hiding. Hiding doesn't resolve anything.

Today is the birth of our blog, and a new beginning for me. I guess this is my epiphany moment. So bring it on world, I'm ready for you!

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